The MA Senate Sparring Debate

By Elliot Friar 10-1-2012 

It was a fierce, no holds barred debate.

Tonight, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and his challenger Elizabeth Warren went head-to-head for a second time.

The debate was far from peaceful. The candidates sparred in heated arguments over almost every issue.

“Excuse me, I’m not a student in your classroom,” Senator Brown said when Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, interrupted him. “Please let me respond.”

As our weak economic recovery moves onward and our national debt continues to increase, many voters are looking to taxes as a key voting point for the Senate race.

“He’s signed an extremist right wing pledge never to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires,” Warren said.

She was referring to the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which opposes tax increases of any kind.

“You can’t keep raising taxes and raising taxes when we’re in a $16-trillion debt,” Brown said.

One of the first topics was character, most notably Warren’s belief that she has a Native American heritage. Brown’s campaign has been on the offensive, questioning if Warren used it for an advantage when applying for jobs.  But she has denied doing so.

   “I have never used my Native American heritage for advantages. I consider myself as having a Native American background, that’s who I am,” Warren said.

Brown responded by claiming Warren has flip-flopped on her ethnicity.

Voters still have two more debates before they need to make their final decisions.  The next one will be October 10th in Springfield.