Last Presidential Debate Goes International

By Brittany Gervais 10-22-2012   

President Obama and Governor Romney met tonight for their final presidential debate on American policy in the Middle East. The debate at Lynn University was aimed at undecided voters. The candidates argued points about the nation’s role in international affairs. With only two weeks to go until election day, the race could not be any closer.  Pols are showing them tied at 47 %.

Mr. Obama began the debate by identifying his accomplishments, including killing Osama bin Laden and pushing back Taliban forces. He defended the steps his administration took when dealing with the war in Syria and nuclear developments in Iran.

 Mr. Romney attacked the President on issues like national defense and American response in North Africa and the Middle East. He said that we “can’t kill our way out of this mess.”

Bob Schieffer from CBS News kept the two candidates under control as they moved quickly from issue to issue. President Obama highlighted repeatedly Governor Romney’s lack of experience dealing with foreign policy. Romney argued that the Obama administration has made the United States less respected on the global front.

A CNN snap poll immediately following the third presidential debate showed 48% of viewers believed President Obama came out on top. Only 40% believed Romney made a stronger argument.