NJ Governor Christie Campaigns for Brown

By Patrick Welter  10-24-2012 

First Chris Christie endorsed Senator Scott Brown. Now he’s campaigning with him.  His big event took place outside Boston today.
The New Jersey Governor did not say whether or not this campaign stop was a practice run for his own rumored march on Washington. But he did point out why he believes Scott Brown is the superior choice to Democrat Elizabeth Warren.
Christie and Brown took to a megaphone to address the crowd of about seventy five people outside the Aegean restaurant in Watertown.  Brown left most of the talking to Christie. But before handing over the megaphone he took a shot at President Obama by thanking the restaurant owners and adding “they did build it on their own, folks.”
Brown then introduced Christie who went right for Elizabeth Warren saying that if you want someone “who doesn’t know how to solve real problems, just get in their partisan corners, send out their press releases and bicker” then your choice is Professor Warren.
Christie went on to praise Brown saying that he makes sure he “talks to everyone, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, everyone, because what he cares about is ideas that will put America back on track.”
Endorsements have now become an integral part of this tight senate race.  Brown just also held a rally with Arizona Senator John McCain and Warren has been campaigning with former Georgia Senator Max Cleland and Minnesota Senator Al Franken.
Two years ago Scott Brown won Massachusetts seat which went vacant after then Senator Ted Kennedy died of cancer.  The Commonwealth’s other senate seat is held by Democrat John Kerry.
While Brown was making news this afternoon, the Warren campaign was focusing on the night.  James Taylor will perform in support of Warren at the Citi Emerson Colonial Theatre tonight in Boston.