Democrats Take Boston

By Catherine Collins 11-6-2012

Emotions ran high tonight at the Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. The large crowd cheered when results showed  Elizabeth Warren as the projected winner of the election for the Massachusetts Senate.

Many of the Democrats had arrived hours before Warren was set to speak. Before Warren is set to give her acceptance speech a string of prominent Massachusetts political figures came to the stage to show their support. Among those who took the stage were former Presidential candidates Senator John Kerry and Governor Michael Dukakis who cheered, “Grassroots devotion beats big money every time!” Dukakis and his wife were greeted with cheers from the crowd and joked that if Democrats were to win this evening he would consider it a 50th anniversary present.

As Scott Brown’s concession speech played on the monitors cheers and boos were heard throughout the ballroom. Earlierin the night two of the four Senior Advisors to the Elizabeth Warren campaign spoke about their devotion to her, “We are thrilled, we work for the most remarkable person, we are happy to see the campaign draw to a successful end. Massachusetts is so lucky to have such a devoted woman to support it.”

Throughout the night the cheers of “WARREN, WARREN, WARREN” rang through the air. Many wore “Obama 2012” and “Elizabeth Warren for Senate” pins and swayed signs in the air. Dawn Piche from Springfield told WEBN that “Tonight is history in the making, because tonight the first female Senator from Massachusetts will be elected.”

At 11:15pm CNN declared that Barack Obama was projected to be re-elected as President of the United States. The reaction was overwhelming. People were hugging and kissing as well as screaming with excitement. Those who were waiting outside the ballroom crowded into the already over maximum capacity room to celebrate without restrain.  The night was one of sheer joy for these Democrats and one that will not be forgotten.