Romney Waits For Results In Boston

By Erin Greene 11-6-2012 

The Boston Convention Center in the waterfront district is glowing with red and blue lights. It has become Romney’s campaign headquarters for the night, and the presidential hopeful is waiting there for the results of his hard-fought campaign.
Outside the center, Shelley Aldred has been selling Romney campaign buttons. She has been doing this all over the country throughout the campaign, and she said her last night on the job has been one of the slowest yet. meanwhile she doesn’t know what the night will hold, “It’s too close to call.”
A group of protestors nearby have been holding signs about the needs of immigrant families. They are representing Alpha Agencies, and want to send a message to both parties that immigrant families need to be kept together.
Vilma Galvez grew up in Guatemala and is now an American citizen.  She voted for the first time in Boston today. She said she is angry about promises that have not been kept about helping immigrants, and is fighting for more focus on health and education for them.
She said, “We need the both parties to work together.”
Inside the Westin Hotel Boston lobby, adjacent to the Convention center, Romney supporters, members of the campaign and press have filled the bar, watching the returns on television. Julie Beal and Jan Lasater were visiting Boston from Texas, and when they heard Romney was in Boston they decided to see if they could get into the election night event. They could not, so they settled into the Westin Lobby to watch the returns. They were excited to be there regardless of the outcome, and said President Obama will be the likely winner.
“I think he’ll eek it out,” Beal said.

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