Warren wins, Brown steps down gracefully

By Amy Hansen 11-6-2012  

Scott Brown waved the white flag Tuesday evening.

“I don’t wanna see any sad faces,” he said during his concession speech at about 10:35 p.m. “We ran a fantastic campaign.”

Brown emotionally thanked the crowd gathered in a ballroom at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel. The crowd of supporters had began to shrink as the results started to pour in.

“I could not have asked for better allies,” Brown said. “We stand strong in the fight and we stand strong now even in disappointment.”

Brown spoke for about five minutes before mentioning his opponent, Democrat Elizabeth Warren. He mentioned that he had already spoken with her to give his congratulations.

“She won it far and square folks,” Brown said. “She has received the high honor of holding the people’s seat.”

Brown thanked his campaign staff and his family. He also turned to the crowd, who remained very vocal during his speech.

“It has absolutely been a wonderful ride and I want to thank you for the honor of being your US Senator,” Brown said. “You all sent me to Washington to be my own man and l’ll be returning my own man so for that I am very proud.”

The crowd broke out into cheers of “Go, Scott, Go!” as his campaign graphics still flashed across big screen projectors.

“It was an honor to carry your flag even if for only a little while,” he said, before leaving the stage as Toby Keith’s “Made in America” blared through the speakers.

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