MA Sen. Elizabeth Warren Quickly Making Her Mark In D.C.

By Amy Hansen 1-22-2013


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren had a prime seat just a few feet away from President Barack Obama during his inauguration today.

In 2 days the freshman senator is expected to introduce the Commonwealth’s other Senator at his secretary of state confirmation hearing. John Kerry is expected to sail through his Senate confirmation hearing and vote. That would suddenly make Warren the  Bay State’s senior senator after being sworn into office herself just a few weeks ago.

A day after the Inauguration ceremony, Senator Warren told WEBN Boston at the Capitol building that she’s happy to be part of the record setting 98 women in Congress.

“It’s long past when women should be in positions of leadership and I am glad to be there to support my sisters. I am glad to be there to make sure that we make some real changes as a country.”

One issue Warren is determined to change is higher education.

“It is crazy to be in a world where the U.S. government says there’s billions of dollars in subsidies for big oil companies but kids are on their own who are trying to get an education,” she explained. “That’s not how we build a future and so we’re going to have to make some changes.”