The Ed Markey Senate Campaign Machine Is Up And Running

By Dustin Wlodkowski 2-3-2013


It is official. Congressman Ed Markey has  launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate.

This morning about  600 supporters joined the Massachusetts Democrat at the YMCA in his hometown of Malden.

In his first campaign speech, Markey highlighted his role in writing comprehensive climate change legislation and called for action to fight global warming.

“The planet’s is running a fever,” he said. “There are no emergency rooms for sick planets.”

Markey had been instrumental with others in stopping the WR Grace case of dumping of toxic waste in Woburn in the 1970s.

Today he summarized his stances on major political issues from healthcare to gun control and discussed his legislative experience both in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and Congress for over 3 decades.  To him it adds up to supporting the President.

“From Pittsfield to Provincetown, from Newburyport to New Bedford, I am running to move President Obama’s agenda forward here and in the United States of America,” he said.

Markey is seeking the Senate seat vacated by long-time Massachusetts Senator John Kerry who was confirmed as President Obama’s second Secretary of State yesterday.

Th Congressman has Kerry’s endorsement and referenced the outgoing senator multiple times during his speech.

“All of Massachusetts should be proud that John Kerry is now our Secretary of State,” he said. “John is going to be an outstanding advocate for our country all around the world.”

Fellow Democratic Congressman John Lynch is Markey’s only challenger so far. Former Senator Republican Scott Brown has announced he would not seek the seat. That has left the GOP field wide open.

When asked about Brown’s decision in a press conference after the event, Markey replied, “Senator Brown and his family, I’m sure, made a very difficult decision and I respect it. I wish him the best and I wish his family the best going forward.”

The day is not over for Markey, he will make appearances in Worcester and Springfield later on this afternoon.