Winter Storm Nemo Brings Snow, Wind and Al Roker to Boston

By Dustin Wlodkowski 2-8-13  Al Roker by Kyle Gibson

Nemo is here and so is Al Roker.

The Weather Channel and NBC Today Show meteorologist is in Boston tonight on the Common, covering the potentially historic winter storm.

He and his team were set up on and around the Parkman Bandstand near Tremont Street where they were broadcasting several hours for The Weather Channel and MSNBC.

Our WEBN Boston team caught up with Roker right after he had finished for the night and he explained what the Hub can expect from the storm.

“You’re in for a long night,” he said. “There’s 50-60 mile per hour winds, snowfall rate of two to three inches or more per hour, blizzard-like conditions, visibilities cut down to a quarter mile or less, drifting snow.  It’s going to be a real mess.”

Roker also mentioned the possibility of lighting and thunder associated with Nemo.

“There could be some thunder-snow with lightning,” he said. “It gives you a sense of the intensity of this system.”

Roker and a team of weathercasters including The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore and Mike Seidel have been in the Greater Boston area since this morning.

They will continue their coverage from Boston early tomorrow morning.