Blizzard Nemo Dumps Over Two Feet Onto Boston

By Maggie Smolka 2-9-2013


WEBN Staff Photo

Get those shovels prepared because Blizzard Nemo has walloped Boston with almost 25 inches of snow.
The storm is ranked fifth in the city’s top ten snowstorms.  It is about three inches behind number one which accumulated almost 28 inches.
The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore says Nemo is different than previous snowstorms.
“We are much better at numerical weather prediction and that has allowed us to get people out of harms way,” says Cantore.  “You looked at the Mass Pike, you looked at I-93, not a car on it, because the Governor said we want everybody off the roads.  That is the biggest disaster when you have people traveling the roads.”
Snow began dropping early yesterday morning.  It hit its peek later in the evening.   More than 600,000 homes and businesses lost electricity.