Boston’s Brighton Section Is Snowbound

By Ekaterina Bylkina 2-9-2013


WEBN Staff Photo

The Cleveland Circle area in Brighton is completely under the snow!  I saw at least 4 feet of snow mountains, icy roads, and tons of snow machines when I tried to get out of my apartment at 1 pm this afternoon.

I was hardly able to open my front door, and it took me 5 minutes to jump and slide my way to the road in front of the building. A lot of families are outside, trying to clean their cars. They are annoyed by the amount of snow, but their kids seem to be having a lot of fun.

Coffee shops in the area are closed. However I passed a very popular bar/restaurant that was serving drinks for the frozen neighbors.

Cleveland Circle is also the home station for the Green C line trains. MBTA workers have been testing the tracks, but Governor Deval Patrick isn’t sure that the T will be running again until early Monday.

Also the no driving ban is still in effect for most of the afternoon.  So there is no way out of Brighton unless you have a car and it is not trapped in the snow.