Boston Faces Carbon Monoxide Blizzard Deaths


WEBN Staff Photo

By Ariana Sandillo 2-10-2013 

Two people have died in Boston from carbon monoxide poisoning and one is a 12-year-old boy.

Yesterday the boy was helping his father shovel snow in their Dorchester neighborhood when he got cold and sat in the running car to get warm.

Boston Fire Department spokesperson Steve MacDonald said the car exhaust was covered in a snow bank and the fumes backfired into the car.

The father later found the boy overcome by the fumes and went into respiratory arrest himself.

Both were taken to Boston Medical Center where the boy was pronounced dead on arrival. The father is in stable condition.

Also yesterday, another man in his 20s from Mattapan died after being found inside a parked car that was running.

Last night in East Boston, two children between the ages of five and ten were pulled from a car on Porter Street after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. Their injuries were not life threatening.