Previewing President Obama’s State Of The Union Address

By Amanda Beland 2-10-2013  480px-BarackObamaportrait

The middle class is set to regain the spotlight.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama’s fifth State of the Union address is expected to focus on job creation and the importance of the middle class. These two issues were crucial policy points that helped re-elect Mr. Obama to his second term.

Mr. Obama’s speech expected to revolve around creating jobs, training, and manufacturing.

Two weeks ago, the Labor Department announced that the unemployment rate had increased to 7.9 percent.

The President’s address comes at the heels of a recent Congressional efforts to extend the debt ceiling to avoid automatic across-the-board spending cuts totaling $85 billion. The deadline was set for March 1. Mr. Obama is also expected to discuss the extension and the on going budget talks in both the House and the Senate.

Major television networks will air the speech live. The White House website will also live stream the address at

Along with these sources, there will also be viewing parties throughout the country. Locations can be found at and enter the zip code.

The address will begin at 9 p.m.