Thousands In MA Still Without Power

WEBN Staff Photo

By Mike Saccone 2-10-2013

The town of Whitman is cleaning up today after this weekend’s historic storm. 

A warming center at the Whitman-Hanson Regional High School has regained power which has enabled it to reopen. It had to close yesterday after a power failure. Those using the shelter were moved to the Bridgewater Middle School.

The Whitman Emergency Management Agency says, “According to National Grid, additional feeders which come from the Pilgrim Power Plant are down, along with feeders from NSTAR. Power will not be back anytime soon.”

Off-site power was restored to a the Pilgrim Power Plant in Plymouth this afternoon. Power was restored from one of the three off-site lines. Crews continue to work to restore the other two lines. The plant automatically shut down on Friday and was being powered by diesel generators since the storm disrupted electrical transmission. A spokesman for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Pilgrim is “fairly close” to restoring power from the other two lines. Officials say the public was never in any danger. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency called it an “unusual event.’

As of 2 p.m. today, MEMA says there were 233,000 outages. National Grid was reporting 60,000 outages with NStar reporting 173,000 outages.

Firefighters are reminding residents to shovel out the nearest hydrant to your home and business. That will help firefighters save precious minutes in an emergency.

The Whitman-Hanson Regional School District has cancelled tomorrow’s classes.

The Whitman Emergency Management Agency says anyone who is unable to transport him or herself to the shelter or needs warmth and comfort can call 781-447-7682 for a ride