Winter Travel Tips

Norman Oliver 2

WEBN Staff Photo

By Mike Saccone 2-10-2013  

If you have to hit the roads tomorrow, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has a few tips.

MassDOT reminds you to remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before leaving your house. Falling snow and ice are a hazard to other drivers.

Keep in mind that the height of snow banks has reduced visibility in many locations. Use extreme caution when merging and yielding onto highways, especially if you use the breakdown lane for travel. Reduce your speeds on on-ramps and off-ramps and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. Crews are working around the clock to remove snow from the shoulders and breakdown lanes. Be aware in some areas the shoulder may still be covered with snow and the width of the right travel lanes may be reduced.

Limit mobile phone use and other distractions. Also, allow yourself extra time when commuting.

MassDOT also says peak-hour travel in the breakdown lanes of I-95 North and South as well as Route 3 North and South is prohibited until further notice.

You can follow MassDOT on Twitter (@MassDOT) for the latest traffic information.