JJ Abrams And Colin Farrell Building A Bridge to Ireland

By Cara Daniels 2-21-2013  abes

The Irish and Hollywood are known for having a great time.  And tonight they joined forces to do just that.  It was called the US- Ireland Alliance Oscar Wilde Party.

President Trina Vargo created the Alliance to preserve the relationship between the United States and Ireland.   Tonight the group hosted one of the hottest events during pre-Oscar week.

The Alliance gives out 12 scholarships for Americans  to visit Ireland. Grantees soak up the culture and witness the talent that exists on the Irish isle.

Tonight’s guest of honor Colin Farrell stressed the importance of the event for the Alliance, saying, “The work that they do, promoting cultural and intellectual educational bridges between Ireland and America… It’s a really important thing that they do. This night in of itself comes from this. I think it’s more of a celebration of the hard work that’s been done and kind of a change to galvanize at the road ahead.”

J.J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot hosted the event in Santa Monica. Actor Colin Farrell was honored for his work consolidating the bond between Ireland and America. Abrams expressed his excitement for the party, which brings together many people in the industry who rarely see each other.

Independent artist Julie Feeney serenaded guests with songs off her new album that has yet to be released in the U.S.

Other attendees included Steven Spielberg, Peter Gallagher, and directors Steven Spielberg, and Jim Sheridan.