The Oscars: Same Show, Big Changes

By Darian Harvin 2-21-2013

Set up the Dolby Thearer for the 85th Oscars.
Set up at the Dolby Thearer for the 85th Oscars. WEBN Staff Photo

This afternoon, the red carpet made its debut on Hollywood Boulevard. And the big golden Oscars statues took their positions.

The Academy set-up crew went into action, unwrapping the statues placing them throughout the arrival area of the 85th Academy Awards.

All of that is the same as the past.  But there are several changes.  First, the theater where the Oscars event will be held is now known as the Dolby Theater.  That’s because since Kodak filed for bankruptcy, they lost naming rights to the theater, home of the Academy Awards since 2009.

Second, you can delete the phrase “The 85th Academy Awards” from your vocabulary. The show has undergone a rebranding.  Now it is only called “The Oscars.”  About three weeks ago, the number “85” and “Academy Awards” disappeared from all Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science materials.

This change took everyone by surprised. It’s not sure how long ABC networks and show producers kept this plan under wraps. Oscars co-producer Neil Meron says they can seamlessly go back to “The Academy Awards” in years to come, but he thinks “The Oscars” will stick.

Actor and screenwriter Seth MacFarlane is this year’s host. “The Family Guy” creator is promising no “cheap” humor for the regal event. Still, the only assumption we can make is that he won’t be uttering the phrase “Academy Awards” on stage.