Cheryl Cecchetto Offers Sneak Peek Into Planning Governor’s Ball


WEBN Staff Photo

By Rory McCann 2-22-2013 

Cheryl Cecchetto knows how to throw a party.

Every year she is the person behind the Oscars Governor’s Ball.  It’s a planning extraordinaire for one of Hollywood’s most star-studded parties.

“When you produce an event like this, you have to engineer every piece,” Cecchetto told WEBN Boston in Hollywood today.  She has been working on this year’s Ball since last August.

Cecchetto says she is a perfectionist when it comes to planning the extravaganza. She spares no detais when providing vision and instruction to the one thousand staffers working on the event.

This is Cecchetto’s twenty-fourth consecutive year producing the Governor’s Ball. She says one of the biggest challenges is making the event special, but different, every year.

The event will be held at the Ray Dolby Ballroom for the eleventh year. “Can you imagine coming into the same room eleven years and re-doing it? It’s like re-doing your living room eleven times. “

One of Cecchetto’s favorite parts of this year’s Ball is the new chandelier, which she says will make the room almost unrecognizable.

On the big night, Cecchetto says she’s most excited about Chef Wolfgang Puck’s menu and five-time Grammy nominee Michael Feinstein performance.

Like any terrific hostess, Cecchetto’s focus is on the guests, and she plans to give them an unforgettable evening.