Stephanie Hachem Sheds Light on the Animation Process Of “Wreck-It Ralph”

By Rory McCann 2-22-2013  steph

Stephanie Hachem is in the business of bringing art to life.

The “Wreck-It Ralph” lighting production assistant was responsible for working with artists to bring Disney’s newest Oscar-nominated film to the big screen.

“It’s one big happy family in animation. There’s no hierarchy in the sense of tasks.” Hachem enjoys working in animation because of the sense of community behind the family-friendly films.

It’s not all fun and games, though. “We all understand when work needs to get done, work gets done.” Hachem was responsible for keeping the artists on-schedule, ultimately helping the movie get done on time. According to Hachem, the process can take up to four years.

“In every movie we have to start from scratch and really develop what we want the look and feel for this film to be.”

Hachem’s own beginning in animation began with a childhood love for animated films. It continued into adulthood when she decided she wanted to be involved in the process.

“In high school, I just started realizing that I could do all the things I saw on the screen… I really just loved learning what it took to make an animated film.”

Hachem has been promoted from lighting production assistant to coordinator, and is currently working on an animated film due for release next year.