Wolfgang Puck Dishes On The Governor’s Ball


WEBN Staff Photo

By Cara Daniels 2-23-2013  

Chef Wolfgang Puck is on fire. Or, rather, his famous Kobe steak is. Puck has been cooking 19 consecutive years for the Governor’s Ball and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Governor’s Ball may be one of the most star-studded events of the year but it doesn’t faze Puck. His team works diligently to maintain his legacy of creating perfect dishes on time. It helps to have a team you wholeheartedly trust. He told WEBN Boston that “We write down everything that we want and, since all the chefs.. we have 300 of them… work with me for so many years, it’s easy.”

So what makes this year different than all the rest? Almost everything, according to Puck. The menu additions include tortellini with black truffles, New England lobster, more vegan options, and a gold Chocolate Oscar for everyone.

Puck says, “Barabara Streisand already called up and says, ‘I hope you are going to have my chicken pot pie like last year!’ I said sure for you, whatever you want. If you sing for me, for sure!”

Although he tries not to play favorites with his food choices, Wolfgang Puck definitely has some opinions on this year’s Oscars race. He is hoping a hometown hero grabs the gold, saying, “…I’m still very excited the Austrians are nominated. I am from Austria so Christoph Waltz from Django!”