President Obama Signs $85 Million Budget Cuts Sequester Law

 By Rachel Smith 3-1-2013  Obama_Boehner

It’s official.  The feared sequester has happened.  The federal budget has been cut $85 billion.  Tonight President Barack Obama signed the order as required by law.  It was enacted before the 11:59 PM deadline.

Both Democrats and Republicans could not reach a consensus on saving the country from these budget cuts. Earlier today leaders from both parties met at the White House for 45 minutes, but to no avail.

President Obama blamed Republicans. The Commander in Chief has spent the last few weeks touring the country trying to get citizens to pressure their congress people to support his plan to avert the sequester.

In a White House press conference the President said Republicans “allowed these cuts to happen because they refuse to budge on closing a single wasteful loophole to help reduce the deficit.”

Meanwhile, House Speaker John Boehner and fellow Republicans said Democrats didn’t present a plan that reduced government spending nor cut money to government assistance programs, which they believed, brought the country to this point.

The Department of Justice says its employees will soon receive furlough notices. Part of this new order will slash spending for defense contracts and stateside government programs. However, the cuts will not affect active duty military.

The full impact of the cuts is expected next month.