Metamorphosis Is Confusing

By Samantha Wagner 3-3-2013 Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is a very interesting play, to say the least.

The actors in the play did a decent job.  Gregor was played by Gísli Örn Gardarsson.  Gregor’s sister Greta was played by Selma Björnsdótti.  His parents Herman and Lucy were played by Edda Arnljótsdóttir and Ingvar E. Sigurdsson. The main character Gregor literally stole the show, to the point where his name is the only one I remembered.

At times it seemed that the set spoke louder than the actors’ words.  In the character’s bedroom his bed was actually on the wall.  From the viewer’s perspective you were looking at the bed at a downward angle, creating a larger depth of field.  Because of this, Gregor actually had to climb around and made it look almost effortless. The set was absolutely beautiful but abstract, to say the least.

The music also set the mood for the play.  It painted a picture of the emotions the actors were feeling in each scene.  The major character Gregor basically transformed overnight into an unseen or heard monster.  His appearance seemed fine yet everyone in his family was truly petrified of him out of the blue.

There seemed to be a few scenes missing and some things needed to be explained a little more.  This is unfortunate because it had the potential to be an exceptional play.

The closing scene was breathtaking, but I unfortunately left the play at The Paramount Center Mainstage feeling more confused than pleased with what I had just seen.


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