Jackie Bradley Jr. Takes In Spring Training

By Courtney Swift 3-6-2013  _DSC9032

MLB spring training is a time for the stars to get back into a rhythm.  But it’s also a time for coaches to get a look at up and coming talent. The Red Sox have plenty of young guys who are in the wings waiting for their moment.

Jackie Bradley Jr., Jose Iglesias, Xander Bogarts, and Brock Holt are just some of the names that Red Sox fans might not know yet, but will in the near future. Centerfield prospect Jackie Bradley Jr. is just trying to observe the seasoned players.

“Definitely wide open eyes, you know being able to look around and actually get to interact and play with some of the guys that you grew up watching,” he said. “It’s kind of surreal and I love it. I’m enjoying every minute up here.”

Most of the spring training experience is still new to Bradley Jr. He is working on meeting most of the major league staff, including head coach John Farrell.

“I’m still learning names and stuff, but it looks like everything is going great,” he told WEBN Boston in Florida. “It’s a great tempo and everyone’s out there getting their work done in a timely fashion.”

The outfielder has started to mark his path to the majors. His first full season in pro ball was spent split between Class A Salem and Double-A Portland where he hit nine home runs in 575 plate appearances.

Bradley Jr. has also excelled during spring training hitting .471 with eight hits in eight games played. Despite the success, Bradley Jr. still sees a lot to work on.

“Just keeping it consistent, whether it’s at the plate and the field,” he said. “Working on being able to control the outfield and move them and adjust them with certain players and certain counts.” On the offensive side, he explained that he’s working on hitting the ball consistently all over the field.

The prospect said he doesn’t have one specific mentor on the major league roster, but is trying to learn a little bit from everyone.

“Definitely when they’re talking, I’m listening,” he said. “I’m trying to pick up on anything I possibly can. I feel like they’ve had so much experience in this game that they wouldn’t steer you wrong.”