Bostonians Call For Late-Night MBTA Service

Adam E. Moreira/Creative Commons
Adam E. Moreira/Creative Commons

By Emily LaCroix 3-25-2013

There is a huge cry for the Boston transit system to run late into the night.  

A recent survey shows that 97 percent are in favor of late night MBTA service.

T Service currently stops at 12:30 a.m. every night. Many students and bar goers in Boston are concerned about the safety of wandering the streets late at night seeking a taxi or walking home. Bars often close at 2am, long after the trains stop running. This new study shows a vast majority would like to see the train extend its hours until then.

The MBTA acknowledges the need for later service on weekends.  Unfortunately, the system has been struggling financially for the past several years. There is a major budget deficit and recently service has been cut and fares raised. There is also talk of another fare hike or cuts to the least used bus lines. The train has had issues with riders not paying fares as well.

Governor Deval Patrick’s Transportation Finance Plan may allow for funding of this project. The MBTA says no changes to service will occur anytime soon without outside help.