Teens Choose Feet First Over Four Years

By Emy LaCroix 3-26-2013 800px-Apprenticeship

Many high-school grads are choosing apprenticeship programs over college. While college graduates face unemployment and debt, those taking a different route are becoming young bosses.

Non-Profits, such as Enstitute, are creating apprenticeship programs to match young adults with the perfect job.  They can gain the skills needed to move up through hands on experience, not textbooks. While college students are building up debt for four years, apprentices are building up a resume full of know-how.

Minimum wage or unpaid apprenticeships can also help build relationships that lead to a paying job. Many employers say they would love to hire their apprentices as soon as a job becomes available. They feel comfortable with their decisions, knowing that the apprentice has already been groomed for the job.

However, apprenticeships are not for everyone. Those seeking to become doctors still need intense training that only college can provide. However, it is an option for those entering the business world and may be a great route for those who can’t afford college or are looking to enter the workforce right away.