MA Democrats Debate For Kerry Senate Seat

By Tessa Roy 3-27-2013

WEBN Staff Photo

WEBN Staff Photo

Tonight the Democrats running for John Kerry’s senate seat took their turns at the podium.  The event took place right after the GOP candidates had their debate.

However both Congressmen Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch, were less agreeable with each other than were the Republicans. The two traded barbs over the Affordable Care Act, abortion, and the Wall Street bailouts.

“My vote for Obamacare was one of my proudest votes,” said Markey.

Lynch retaliated, arguing Obamacare is flawed and needed to be “fixed.”

Abortion was another hot point of the debate. Markey prided himself on being virulently pro-choice, and criticized Lynch for being pro-life.  Then there was the economic story when Lynch accused Markey of supporting the big banks over the American people in the Wall Street bailouts.

The Democrats did have civil words for each other. Markey praised Lynch for his work on veterans affairs and asked what more needed to be done.

“You are a gentleman for asking,” Lynch responded, answering more funding was needed to assist veterans and to combat PTSD. Markey agreed.

The primary is set for the end of April while the general election will be late in June.  John Kerry gave up his long-held senate seat to become Secretary of State for President Obama’s cabinet.