Red Sox Tempt Fans With Cheap(er) Food

By Korey O’Brien 3-27-2013

WEBN Staff Photo

WEBN Staff Photo

The Fenway Faithful seem to have lost the faith.

The Boston Red Sox organization is having a difficult time selling tickets that would normally be sold out by this time. So the team has made some changes in hopes of drawing the fans back and boosting ticket sales.

For the month of April, Fenway Park concessions will be sold at a discounted price. Fans can expect to save several dollars on a cup of beer and enjoy a two-for-one Fenway Frank special as well.

Gordon Coffey is with his family visiting Fenway Park from New York. He told WEBN Boston that this a great idea that all ballparks should partake in.

“I think prices have escalated way out of hand for anyone to try to bring their family and be able to get a hot dog, frank, beer, whatever they wanted. It’s very expensive at all the ballparks,” said Coffey.

But it’s not just the team that’s suffering from a lack of fans. Local businesses, such as the Red Sox Team Store on Yawkey Way, have been told by Red Sox management to expect smaller crowds this year.

In the first month of the season the Red Sox will play 17 games at Fenway. This is the second time in history this has happened. Brian Maurer is manager of the Red Sox Team Store. He says that April is a big month for the business’ numbers.

“It’s one of those things you say you wish you could do something about, but there isn’t anything I can personally do to get fans in here,” said Maurer.

Fans probably remember – or choose to forget – the dismal 69-93 season the Red Sox ended with last year.

However, to some, being a Red Sox fan isn’t about what the win column says. Andrew Sievert, a lifetime Red Sox fan, doesn’t think a rough season should be pushing fans away.

“I think if you’re a fan, you’re a fan no matter what,” Sievert told WEBN Boston.  “Bad seasons are going to happen. I’m still going to come to the games. Doesn’t matter how they did last year or how they’re going to do this year.”