The Host: An Entertaining and Not-So-Average Alien Flick

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By Madelyn Abry 3-29-2013

Who doesn’t love a good alien movie?

“The Host” is not your ordinary alien film. It begins in a perfect world where humans are inhabited by parasitic aliens.

Melanie Stryder is a human who is inhabited by an alien, called a soul, but resists. Thus, the two minds must live inside the same body. Saoirse Ronan gives a great performance as both Melanie and her alien counterpart, Wanda.

Stephenie Meyer, author of the “Twilight” saga, worked as a producer for the transition of her second book series into film.

The film’s tone is in no way uplifting. Instead it focuses on losing love and family and sacrificing for the greater good. The struggle arises between the souls wishing to inhabit all humans and the resistance trying to fight off the aliens and win back earth. In true “Twilight” fashion there is a love triangle that feels complicated and confusing at times.

However, the true driving force of the film is William Hurt, who adds comedy and wisdom to the very visually driven and bare script. As the leader of the resistance, he is a rough and tumble westerner who adds to the Cowboys vs. Aliens struggle and desert backdrop.

Resident hotties Max Irons and Jake Abel are pretty to look at while they smolder and puff out their chests. Diane Kruger shines as a The Seeker, or not-so-peaceful police officer hunting Wanda and the resistance.

A very surprising performance came from Melanie’s kid brother Jamie played by 14-year-old Chandler Canterbury. Canterbury gives a heartfelt and genuine approach to his character.

It does at times feel so similar to “Twilight” that you wonder when the vampires will appear and begin to fight the parasites for human dominance.

“The Host” differs from “Twilight” as far as audience goers are concerned. Tweens, beware your father might enjoy this with you.

The movie is entertaining and gives a new look at the classic alien colonization concept.