President Obama Promises To Stand By Boston

By Erin Farley 4-19-2013 Obama_White_House_Press_Conference

Tonight President Obama promised to get answers into the Boston Marathon bombing.  He talked to the nation soon after police arrested the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Mr. Obama said the family of those killed so senselessly, as well as those injured, deserve answers. And to get those answers he has instructed the FBI and Homeland of Security to deploy all necessary investigations to get the truth and protect Americans.

According to President Obama, “when a tragedy like this happens, with public safety at risk, it’s important that we do this right. It’s why we have investigations, why we relentlessly gather facts.”

During the speech President Obama stated that these alleged terrorists failed what they thought they could achieve because the people of Boston refused to be intimidated. He also promised that authorities will investigate any associations these alleged terrorists had.

Meanwhile Mr. Obama did not forget to mention the people of West Texas. He added that Texas is not forgotten and he pledged to provide resources to help the state rebuild.

President Obama ended his speech telling America that this has been a tough week but the country has the courage, resilience, and spirit to overcome these tragedies, one nation, under God.