Second Marathon Bombing Suspect Caught

By Erin Farley 4-19-2013 

FBI Courtesy Photo

FBI Courtesy Photo

It is over. The second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing is in custody.

After a massive manhunt around Boston, the FBI caught 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev tonight.  Right now he is being treated for gunshot wounds at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, MA.

The suspect was found lying in a boat in the backyard of a house on Franklin Street in Watertown, MA.  Earlier in the evening the owner of the home had gone into his backyard, saw blood on the boat, looked under the tarp, and saw a man covered with blood.  He quickly called 911 which put police into action.  They surrounded the boat, set off some detonators, and secured the suspect.  He had lost a lot of blood supposedly from last night’s gun battle in which his brother Tsarnaev had died.

Boston, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge, Waltham, and especially Watertown had been locked down while police officers searched streets and homes.

Limited service has resumed on ALL MBTA modes except the Commuter Rail. Copley station is still closed. All transportation service will resume tomorrow.