Boston Mayoral Race Polling Prank

Boston City Hall
Creative Commons Photo courtesy: cliff1066

By Maria Santora   9-17-13 

Just under two weeks before the mayoral preliminary election, lies and deceptions are arising.  Complaints came piling in this weekend, stated John M. Guilfoil, a spokesman for the Mayor’s office, after numerous Boston residents received fraudulent phone calls.

Unknown callers impersonated members of the Boston Election Department, asking residents for their input on the casino proposition and candidate preferences for the upcoming primary election on September 24.

Although this duplicitous act may seem harmless to some, a few local citizens expressed their irritation concerning the matter. Rob, a 33-year-old business professional residing here in Boston, stated that although he did not personally receive a phone call, he worries this can affect the polls.

“Asking anyone anything under false pretenses is wrong. This election is important and each and every vote matters in these elections. I just hope these phone calls didn’t wrongfully benefit any specific candidates,” stated Rob.

Another worried civilian added his perspective on the matter.  55-year-old Randy mentioned, “The phone calls were rude and unethical. The voting is going to happen anyway, there is nothing we can do about it now. I just hope other people didn’t give out any specifics. That’s all anyone can hope for at this point.”

Coinciding with these reactions Geraldine Cuddyer, Chair of Boston’s Board of Election Commissioners, informed all Boston citizens that the Election Department stresses the importance of a fair and unbiased election.

Sensing civilian concern, the Department has reminded all voters that the city of Boston does not conduct polling over the phone. Due to this, the city has also warned all voters not to answer any specific questions regarding the election.

Of course, the race will continue. All twelve candidates will be debating transportation issues this evening at the Boston Public Library.

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