Boston Named Most Energy Efficient City

By Meghan Allen 9-17-13


Image of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood as situated along the tree-lined esplanade of the Charles River.Photo courtesy: Creative Commons

Boston has taken energy efficiency seriously… and it has paid off.  The city has been named number one in being green.

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) looked at the country’s 34 largest cities on their efforts to cut energy use and costs.

Executive Director of ACEEE, Steven Nadel says Boston is the leading city when it comes to saving energy.  He credits programs like Mayor Menino’s Renew Boston, a service in which helps Boston residents save energy and money.

“With programs like Renew Boston, the city has shown an impressive commitment to cutting down on energy waste, which will result in lower energy costs for residents and businesses, a more robust economy, and healthier environment,” said Nadel.

The Mayor’s other programs include the Greenovate Boston initiative, a 2009 Executive Order and 2011 Climate Action plan.  These have been cited as having much to do with the city’s progress, setting energy savings goals for the city’s municipal operations and the entire community.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our progress in creating a greener, healthier city,” Mayor Menino said. “Boston is a world-class city, and we know that our economic prosperity is tied to its ‘greenovation,’ which has helped create jobs and improve our bottom-line.  Reducing our energy use is just one smart step in improving the quality of life in Boston and around the world.

Other top-scoring cities include Portland, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin.