“2 Broke Girls” Has A New Set

By Kathleen Montero 9-19-2013


WEBN on set with "2 Broke Girls"
WEBN on set with “2 Broke Girls”

Fans of “2 Broke Girls” remember the end of season two when the main characters, Max and Caroline were left in a dingy, secret, and old back room. However, now that has changed! They will soon be regaled with the show’s new set and home to the girls’ long awaited cupcake shop.

Production and set designers Amy Feldman and Glenda Rovello showed WEBN the show’s new basic set in Los Angeles.  And they also talked about their struggles creating the room’s concept from scratch.

“When it’s cleaned up, he just wanted magic. And so with that in mind, I thought, ‘What could this be?’,” said Rovello about meeting Executive Producer, Michael Patrick King’s expectations about how the space should look.

“There’s a great palette in here…always keeping in mind that the girls don’t have a lot of money, but we still have to make it look a little…fun,” said Feldman.

There was little research that went into the creation of the cupcake shop set, since it’s not supposed to look like any other cupcake shop.

“For me, hands down are the glass windows,” Rovello revealed her favorite part of the new set. The fish mongol themed windows were completed in a week after being modeled by some of her drawings.

Feldman and Rovello agreed time was their greatest obstacle but Rovello told WEBN her work is “just so creative, and it’s so fast, and that’s really gratifying.”