Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” Comes To An End

By Kathleen Montero 9-20-2013 

Good Luck Charlie

We’ll soon say “Good Luck Charlie” for the last time. That is because the Disney Channel has pulled the plug on the children’s program after four seasons. Today the producer of the Emmy nominated show, Pixie Wespiser told WEBN about the the bittersweet end to the series.

“It was tough. Everybody had teary eye[s] and we didn’t have an audience for that episode, because we didn’t want to burst in tears in front of a bunch of little kids, which you know, wouldn’t be very nice,” Wespiser said. “And this was our second, it was our second nomination for “Good Luck Charlie” and so we were just, we couldn’t believe it.”

The cast and crew of the series knew its end was near because they were reaching a milestone that Wespiser described “Disney Channel[‘s] business model is a hundred episodes or right around one hundred episodes.”

According to Wespiser, the show’s success was because it targeted the entire family and not just children. “Our writers are really great at writing smart jokes and so they don’t write down to children.”

Now Wespiser said she’s “probably going to go onto another show. It may or may not be Disney.”  However she believes no matter where she ends up, “if you make a positive impact and add some joy to kids lives and parents lives, then it’s great.”

Although the cast still doesn’t know the final air date, Wespiser said they will “put together some sort of… big party for the whole crew and everyone to get together again.”