Packers Matthews Out With Broken Thumb

By Lucas Frankel  – 10-8-13

© Ben Margot/ /AP/Corbis

© Ben Margot/ /AP/Corbis

Green Bay Packers star linebacker Clay Matthews is expected to

miss one month.  He broke his thumb in the second half of Sunday’s game against the Lions.  The next day he reportedly underwent surgery.

So far this season, Matthews has lead the Packers in sacks (3) and forced fumbles.  He had just recovered from a hamstring injury that forced him to miss some of the Packers’ week three loss to the Bengals.

So now Mike Neal and Nick Perry will have to fill the void left behind by Green Bay’s best defensive player.

The loss of Matthews will certainly hurt, but it helps that the Packers’ next three games are against the Ravens, Browns and Vikings.