Candidate Koutoujian Meets with Locals

By Mandy Cordero 10-10-13
Image / WEBN-Boston Staff

Middlesex County Sheriff Peter Koutoujian is pulling out all the stops before Tuesday night’s showdown.

All week he has been meeting with local business owners, senior citizens and middle class workers to understand what the community needs. He’s taking notes and is looking to fill those needs from Washington.

“I’m a kid from Waltham who chose public service for my entire professional career and cares deeply not just about the big issues that are facing our country but also the issues that are facing individuals and their families,” said Koutoujian.

Koutoujian began as a prosecutor in Cambridge and went on to serve in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for fourteen years. In 2011, Governor Deval Patrick appointed Koutoujian into his current position.

Recently Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo endorsed Koutoujian, a move that many believe will pull in more voters.

“I was excited because it was something that the speaker doesn’t do, almost ever,” exclaimed Koutoujian to WEBN.

It has paid off so far. A recent poll placed Koutoujian in second place after Senator Katherine Clark.