Brownsberger Loses U.S. Congress

By Frankie Olito 10-15-13

Will Brownsberger came in fourth in the Democrat primary for the Massachusetts fifth congressional district. He earned 16.1 percent of the vote.

“It just wasn’t our time,” Brownsberger said in his concession speech at his reception party in Belmont. Brownsberger was one of ten hopefuls who entered the race to fill the seat which opened after Ed Markey left to fill John Kerry’s seat. Kerry had left to become Secretary of State. The room was filled with Brownsberger’s families and friend. Even his sister Sarah Brownsberger traveled from Iceland to attend the event. He thanked all his volunteers, saying he will continue their friendship into the coming years.

Longtime Brownsberger supporter Joanna Swift said she is disappointed about the loss, but it is what she expected. “Most of us knew this wasn’t going to be a victory party, but we showed up anyway,” Swift said. She said Brownsberger most likely lost because money paid a huge role in the campaign. He did not accept money from PACs nor lobbyists. He relied solely on supporters’ donations. Although he will not be leaving to a federal position, Browsberger said he will continue to love his current job.

Brownsberger will continue in his current position as a state senator. He joked about his power to influence the state rather the federal government.

“We have a better shot at moving the Commonwealth forward than we do moving Washington forward,” He said. He added, “Let me take a moment to say that I love being a state senator. I really do look forward to continue serving you as state senator.”