Simulated Boston Disaster Images Released

By Samantha LeComte 11-05-13

Courtesy: Environmental League of Massachusetts
Courtesy: Environmental League of Massachusetts
What if a superstorm hit Boston? New, simulated images show how the city could look.
The Boston Harbor Association says most of the city would have been underwater if last year’s Hurricane Sandy had slammed into Boston at high tide. That’s just just five hours earlier than the time it hit.
The Environmental League of Massachusetts recently released images to visualize how this might have looked.
“The ELM Action Fund wants to dramatize the impact of the storm if it hit Boston with the same force it hit New York City,” said ELM president George Bachrach.
The organization hopes to persuade officials to confront the drastic climate changes now underway. The photos were made public just hours before Mayor Thomas Menino announced his 2014 climate action plan. ELM is also asking new Mayor-elect Martin Walsh to prioritize climate change and potential climate catastrophe.