New Greenway Solar-Powered Seats

By Brianna Bigelow 11-06-13

Photo: Greenway Seat-E image courtesy: Mayor Menino's Press Office
Photo: Greenway Seat-E
image courtesy: Mayor Menino’s Press Office

If you need to charge your phone or another device, just go to the Greenway in Boston’s North End neighborhood.

Two prototypes of a solar-powered unit have been installed there. The units are called seat-e.  And they are seats run on renewable energy with the capability to charge electronics.

The MIT Media Lab developed these seats to give passersby the opportunity to charge their smartphones, computers, and tablets while enjoying a day in the park.

Seat-e also allows users to interact with a feature called “social lights.” These lights are embedded into the seats of the unit and will change color, depending on how the seat-e is being used.

Charlie McCabe is the Director of Public Programs for the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy  He believes that these seat-e prototypes are an excellent addition to the park.

“We’re real excited to be the site for their trial. They really developed a robust unit that I think is really going to stand up to life in a park in the middle of the city.”

McCabe believes that the seat-e will complement the free wifi network that is already available at the Greenway.

Seat-e will remain in the Greenway throughout the fall and will be reinstalled in the spring.