New FEMA Flood Maps Surprise Boston

By Samantha LeComte 11-20-13

Boston Harbor Photographer: Andrea Beval WEBN-Boston Photographer
Boston Harbor
Photographer: Andrea Beval WEBN-Boston Photographer

Boston’s flood risk is higher than anyone knew.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency released new flood maps this month. They significantly increase the number of city businesses and homes that could be affected by dangerous floodwaters.

The number of homes at risk have more than doubled to 10-thousand. The increased number of businesses is dramatically higher than the 2-hundred-50 previously listed. It is now at 4-thousand.

The city is bringing federal authorities in for public meetings. The goal is to address flood planning for people and their property. FEMA also wants to provide insights on what the newly proposed maps mean for insurance policies.

“When new maps are released, the community is involved in the general process,” said FEMA press secretary Daniel Watson. 

The proposed changes could expand flood zones in the Seaport and Financial districts as well as parts of Dorchester and East Boston. They may also raise construction costs.