Panel Discusses Universities as Tools for Sustainability

By Meghan Allen 11-24-13

 Photo: EcoDistricts Summit Credit: Mandy Cordero

Photo: EcoDistricts Summit
Credit: Mandy Cordero, WEBN-Boston Reporter

University knowledge may be the key to sustainable cities.

A small group of University staff floated this idea at the EcoDistricts Summit in Boston recently. They presented their ideas on how academic institutions can help increase green development in their communities.

“How can we really take the concept of a learning community and expand that beyond just the students or the campus boundaries and make it something the entire community participates in,” said Sarah Brylinski,Director of Climate Resilience for Second Nature.

Each staff member spoke of a case study performed at their college’s regions. Studies ranged from Portland to Toronto. These case studies varied, focusing on different factors like architecture, transportation and land use.

Kevin Hydes attended this particular presentation because universities are vital to green neighborhood development.

“I’m interested in these educational facilities and how they demonstrate the type of change that we’re talking about. Because if they can’t do it, who can? I mean, the academic institutes are supposed to be the leaders.”