Paul Criticizes Christie

By: Ian Sutherland 11-24-2013

(R-KY) Senator Rand Paul Image Courtesy: Creative Commons

(R-KY) Senator Rand Paul
Image Courtesy: Creative Commons

Republican infighting heats up. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul continues taking aim at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The two may be rivals for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.

Paul used a recent Senate hearing on post-Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts to attack Christie. He called New Jersey’s “Stronger than the Storm” TV ads offensive to taxpayers and a misuse of emergency relief money. The ads were broadcast last May featuring clips of the New Jersey shore as Christie and his family encouraged tourism.

The ads aired during Christie’s gubernatorial campaign. Paul questioned whether they were really meant to boost his chances of winning through enhanced media exposure.

“In New Jersey, $25 million was spent on ads that included somebody running for political office. Do you think there might be a conflict of interest there?” asked Paul.

Housing and Urban Development secretary Shaun Donovan disagreed with Paul’s statements and approved the use of the ads.



“They reduce the cost of recovery to the federal government,” he said.