Gronkowski May be Out for the Year

by Mike Lucas 12-9-13

© Carsten Evans/AMA/Matthew Ashton/AMA/AMA/Corbis
© Carsten Evans/AMA/Matthew Ashton/AMA/AMA/Corbis


Say it ain’t so.

Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski reportedly tore his ACL and MCL in his right knee during Sunday’s Patriots Browns game. It appears he will miss the remainder of this season and potentially all of next season. The injury occurred in the third quarter of yesterday’s game.

In the third quarter Tom Brady completed a pass to Gronk down the middle of the field. Browns’ safety TJ Ward hit Gronk right above the kneecap. It was a gruesome sight as Gronk tumbled over and was clearly in excruciating pain. The NFL has put an emphasis on defensive players tackling low this season to avoid head injuries. Ward’s hit was legal.Gronkowski missed the last five games of last season and the first six games of this season as he recovered from back and forearm injuries. When Gronk is on the field, he is one of the best offensive weapons in the NFL, but staying on the field has been the issue for the Patriots tight end.

The Patriots have played without Gronkowski in the past. They will have to strategize how to do it again for a significant amount of time. Veterans Matthew Mulligan and Michael Hoomanawanui will replace Gronk in the lineup for now.

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