Walsh’s Promises As New Boston Mayor

By: Patricia Nicolas 1-6-14

Mayor Martin J. Walsh

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh

“I will listen, I will learn, and I will lead.” Those were promises Marty Walsh made to Boston this morning.

He was sworn in as Boston’s new mayor at Boston College’s Conte Forum.

Boston has not had a new mayor for the past twenty years. Predecessor Mayor Mernino helped improve the city into what it is today. However, due to health problems he announced he would not be running for another term.

Walsh’s ceremony had numerous special guests U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren who sent greetings from President Barack Obama and Governor Deval Patrick who shared words of wisdom.

“My advice to you is remind you of why you wanted this job in the first place,” Governor Patrick stated.

Mayor Walsh concluded the ceremony with a memorable speech in which he started by thanking everyone from city workers, elected officials to the people of Boston.

He shared his humble beginnings, “We are city of big dreams, and we have what it takes to make dreams come true. And if you doubt any of that, look at this kid from Taft Street in Dorchester who’s now your Mayor. I know my mother’s not the only surprised.”

Mayor Walsh explained his ambitious goals. “My priorities are clear… strengthening our economy and creating jobs, improving public safety and stopping senseless gun violence..ensuring our schools help every child to succeed, and increasing trust and transparency in city government.”

He ended saying, “I am inspired every day by the people of our city- by your hopes, by your dreams, by your determination. I am listening. I will keep on listening.”