A Father’s Influence

By: Jean Merlain 1-28-14

Corbis Image
Corbis Image

NEWARK, NJ – Many athletes on Tuesday talked to thousands of reporters from around the world at Media Day about who and what inspired their game. But for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, it was none other than his father. Wilson whose father passed away in 2010 from complications of diabetes has publicly shared on numerous occasions how his father has influenced him.

Wilson said, one of the things his father taught him as child was when he was 14 years old, he told him , “There’s a King in every crowd.” Puzzled by what his father meant from that quote, Wilson asked his father what it meant and his father said, “It’s your faith, God’s always watching you and watching over you.” It’s a message that Wilson said has had an impact on his life; whether it is in his professional or personal life. “You never know what kid is watching you,” he said.

Wilson will make his first Super Bowl appearance this Sunday against the Denver Broncos at the Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.