“That Awkward Moment” Brings Nothing New to Rom-Com Genre

By Dan Blomquist 02-01-14

Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron and Miles Teller in "That Awkward Moment." Photo Credit: Nicole Rivelli / FilmDistrict.
Michael B. Jordan, Zac Efron and Miles Teller in “That Awkward Moment.” Photo Credit: Nicole Rivelli / FilmDistrict.

“That Awkward Moment” is what happens when you take the funny jokes from the last 10 romcoms and dump them into one movie. Unfortunately, they left the cheesy moral intact.

“That Awkward Moment” starts with three 20-somethings who met in college and haven’t really matured since. But despite what the cliché book says should happen, these guys actually have their lives together. They all have paying jobs, houses, and clean clothes. One of them is married. This is where we see the director showcase his understanding of the current dating scene.

Before 2010, most people who embodied the “bro” stereotype didn’t amount to much. But here in 2014, bro culture has seeped into the mainstream. Even highly functioning people wear snapbacks now. “That Awkward Moment” represents a startling evolution in what society considers an attractive man: A cocky, over-the-top screwball that still manages to maintain a place in adult society.

The movie’s plot slowly degenerates into a trope-laden smooch-fest that falls into line with the American tradition of never giving a movie a sad ending. The jokes remain strong throughout the film, but annoyingly sappy sentiments weigh it down.

If you’re looking for a feel-good movie that doesn’t ask much from the viewer, “That Awkward Moment” is exactly what you’re looking for.