The Eco-Makeup Movement

By Samantha LeComte 2-13-14

Think green the next time you buy makeup.

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Brazilian cosmetics company, Natura Cosmeticos, has been a part of the green movement since its founding in 1969. Their sustainable manufacturing process has earned them #10 on Forbes List of ‘Most Innovative Companies”.

Most recently, Natura is working on Programa Amazonia, an effort to source ingredients sustainably without causing harm to the environment. The company works to “eliminate waste and guarantee a clean destination for byproducts from Amazonian fruits, oils, and berries that are used to produce its cosmetics”. Natura gets one-third of its raw materials from the Amazon, providing a makeup line that is almost entirely organic.

Natura’s process utilizes the oil extracted from passion fruit seeds for their line. The company is hoping to partner with other groups in the area that take advantage of what would normally go to waste. Managers of the Programa Amazonia are working with juicing companies to harvest the pulp leftover from the passion fruit and also hope that clean fuel can be generated using the shells of the passion fruit seeds as biomass.(last sentence in this paragraph long rewrite)

Cosmetology student, Amanda Ferrino, believes “biodiversity integration into the cosmetics field is incredibly overdue”, by using organic materials that will not harm the environment; Natura Cosmeticos is creating “healthier makeup, more jobs, and a more stable planet”.

In addition to bettering the environment, Natura’s efforts extend to helping out the community. The company provided jobs to nearly 500 people as part of the plan, 90 percent of which are local to the Amazon.

By 2020, Natura Cosmetics hopes to nearly triple the number of Amazon locals it partners with, bringing the current 3,500 families to 10,000 families. These efforts would help to secure the Amazon economy, one that is largely reliant on deforestation practices.