Unrest Across Venezuela After Deadly Demonstrations

By Mercy Benzaquen 2-19-14 


Courtesy: Instagram

Deadly political protests continue in Venezuela. The political tension has grown over the past three weeks after thousands gathered on February 12, National Youth Day. Led by opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, the protestors blame the government of Nicolas Maduro for basic food shortages. More than ten people have died as a result of the protests.

Maduro ordered the arrest of Lopez saying during a nationally televised broadcast that he is to blame for the deaths. Lopez is also accused of organizing a coupe plot against the government with the support of Columbia and the United States.

Lopez remained out of the public eye for several days, through social media he encouraged his supporters to join him at a rally on February 18th where he would turn himself over to Maduro.

News coverage of events remain scarce, nationally controlled broadcasts have shown little about the opposition, and the Columbian TV news outlets are no longer accessible.