It’s In The Swag Bag!

By Jasmyn Jacob 2-27-14
If you feel bad for the Oscar nominees who don’t win an award, you shouldn’t. This year, the Oscar “losers” get to take home over $80,000 worth of gifts thanks to the company that puts it all together, Distinctive Assets.
The products inside the gift bags are extremely diverse in price, ranging from a $15,000 Japan vacation package to a $6 DrainWig device that keeps hair from clogging in the shower.
Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary doesn’t just let any gifts inside the bag. He sets up an approval process and selects the products and services he feels enhances the celebrities’ lives in some way.
“What I always loveabout getting gifts is getting something that I would never buy for myself, so we make sure we do that for the celebrities,” Fary said.
Other products inside of the gift bag include a hair restoration voucher, designer lollipops, paintings that appear on the set of Mad Men, and even pepper spray guns.
Distinctive Assets received a lot of vendor requests this year, which helped boost the gift bag value. Last year the gift bag was estimated to be worth a little over $45,000, just half the value of this year.