New Rules Bolster Marathon Security

by Wendy Eaton 2-27-14

© PCN/Corbis
© PCN/Corbis

After the devastating Boston Marathon Bombings last April, the Boston Athletic Association has come out with a strict new set of rules.  These rules have been put in place to protect the people of Boston and race participants from another attack.

The heightened security rules include a no bags policy.  The pressure cookers that were used as bombs in the 2013 attack were kept in backpacks and dropped off by the finish lines.  By banning all bags, the B.A.A hopes to create an environment with less potential threats.

The B.A.A. has also put in place stricter guidelines for race participants.  Runners must pick up their bibs themselves and must wear them on the busses to Hopkinton, in the Athletes’ Village, and in the start or finish area.  Athletes also cannot bring any bags or clothes with them to the starting line and are permitted only a small fanny pack, a standard fuel belt, and headphones.

These tougher guidelines, which also ban glass containers, strollers, handbags, and any items larger that 5 inches X 15 inches X 5 inches portrays the security precautions being taken to protect against another attack.  The Boston Athletic Association isn’t taking any chances when it comes to safety this year.

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